Application of Carrageenan in Food Industry

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Application of Carrageenan in Food Industry

We all know that the most popular food additive Carrageenan is used in many products that we consume, but this article will elaborate on the applications of the food additive in the food industry. As we know carrageenan is used in food industry in different sectors, let us have a look at them. pollution of ganga river

Dairy products

The main application of this food additive is in dairy products. Generally, very low additions become necessary like kappa is added to cottage cheese to avoid splitting of whey and when added a small amount to ice creams also prevents the whey split that may have be achieved by adding some other gums to avoid the growth of crystals in ice-cream or to maintain the texture of the ice cream.

Foods- water based

Many Carrageenan producers discovered that the combination of different carrageenans with bean gum, starch, konjac flour can give a range of non-melting, melting gels including gel textures to cater to the requirements of their clients. The mousse dessert refrigerated for a long time based on pectin and carrageenan instead of gelatin is ideal for vegetarians.

In calorie free jellies, the pectin is replaced by the iota and kappa, which prove to be effective. Fruit drink mixes with lambda gives you a rich mouth feel.

Meat products

While preparing hams, adding this food additive to the brine solution taken in pumping enhances the product as the additive holds free water and works well with the protein so that the dissolved protein is preserved. To attain a successful penetration, a low viscosity brine solution is must; this food additive can increase viscosity.  That is the reason this food additive is dissolved in water after the addition of brine salts and thus it doesn’t get dissolved due to high concentration of the salt. But, it gets dissolved as the ham cooks and is effective.




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