Club Penguin Membership Benefits You Cannot Look Past

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Club Penguin Membership Benefits You Cannot Look Past

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Club Penguin is an immensely fun virtual gaming platform which has become one of the leading names in the multiplayer gaming world. However, the game can be made even more fun by getting a membership to it. This exposes to several new and exciting features which are not available to non-members. Given below are some benefits that only paid or free Club Penguin membership holders have access to:

Unlock Exclusive Content

There are unlimited new and exclusive content that can only be enjoyed by members of Club Penguin. For examples, members can get the newest trends and styles of clothing and also get brand new furniture for your igloos. A membership also allows you to go on new and exclusive content and earn more coins. Additionally, members get to attend a new Club Penguin party every month. If there is any new feature introduced in the game, a member will be the first one to know about it.

Play Exclusive Games

There are several exclusive mini games on Club Penguin which can only be accessed by members. These games are even more fun to play and can help you win a number of rare items along with rewards. Members can go on new quests and also take your pet puffles along while playing games. This will not only be more interesting but will also help you earn more coins.

Access to Pets and Clothing

Along with unlocking new quests and parties, a membership can give you unlimited access to clothing and furnishing. You can also keep up to 75 pet puffles as soon as you get a membership. You will also be able to unlock new features like being able to buy unlimited igloos.

Therefore, in order to avail all these exciting new features, you will be required to obtain a Club Penguin free membership through gift cards or generators.