Tricks to Pass the Hair Follicle Drug Test

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Tricks to Pass the Hair Follicle Drug Test

Going through a hair follicle drug test might be pretty frustrating. Studies have shown that this drug testing method is being increasingly used by employers for testing various drugs. However, marijuana is the common drug that is being tested through this method. It is also known to stay in the system for the longest period of time.

You might have been offered your dream job but what if you get to know that you have to pass a drug test to get the job? If you are worried as to what to do and how to pass a hair drug test then this blog is there to help you out.

Stop Taking the Drug

One of the most effective answers to how to pass a hair drug test is also considered to be the easiest method. You can simply stop using the drug at least 100 days prior to the next hair follicle test.

Shave Your Hair

If you do not have hundred days before the hair follicle test then you can shave off the hair that is present on your head, as well as the body. However, you need to be careful because most of the labs are aware of this trick. If they are unable to obtain a 90-day sample they might make you fail the drug test.

Use Detox Products

If you want to keep your hair and still get rid of the drug metabolites then you can do so with the help of a detox shampoo. These shampoos can strip THC and various other drugs from your hair.

Do-It-Yourself Detoxification Program

You can also try to remove the drug from the hair follicles with the help of some home cleaning regime. These procedures might be a little hard on your hair but a lot of people have sworn by the effectiveness of it.